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Calif. Gov., Feds Agree on Wildfire Management Plan

  Two years ago, California’s Little Hoover Commission warned that unless the state took immediate streps to limit wildfire probabilities, death and destruction were a near-certainty. The Little Hoover Commission, created in 1962, is an independent California state oversight agency modeled after the Hoover Commission – President Herbert, not FBI director J. Edgar – that […]

Crackpot Fantasy: One Billion Americans

  Glenn Beck, the well-known former Fox Network anchor, a self-professed conservative, and Blaze TV network owner, teamed up with ultra-liberal Matt Yglesias, the left-wing Vox editor to advocate for a U.S. population of 1 billion. After an interview with Yglesias, who authored “One Billion Americans: the Case for Thinking Bigger,” Beck tweeted that a […]

More Americans = Less Wilderness


For decades, federal immigration laws have been a hot-button issue. Nearly 55 years ago, on October 3, President Lyndon Johnson signed the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965. Although few could have imagined it at the time, the ensuing decades would be rife with contentious debates about immigration and its impact on U.S. society. Both […]

Overpopulation Sparks Calif. Wildfires

Aug 2020 FIre

California is once again in the news. As always, bad news puts the state’s latest crisis above the daily newspaper’s fold. Instead of stories about homelessness throughout the state, particularly acute in San Francisco and Los Angeles, or Gov. Gavin Newsom’s mandated COVID-19 shutdown that affects most of California, this time the headlines screech about […]

Hawaii’s Earth Day Challenge: Balance Tourism with Environmental Practices

Having just spent the better part of three months in Hawaii, I found the state doing what it can to encourage environmentally sound practices. There are numerous organizations working to protect native plants, animals, ecosystems and cultural sites. Effective July 2018, the Department of Environmental Services imposed a 15-cent per recyclable bag fee that retailers […]

Earth Day 2019: Since Neil Armstrong Walked on the Moon Population Doubled

Fifty years ago, in 1969 when astronaut Neil Armstrong became the first person to walk on the moon, the world’s population was 3.6 billion; in 2019, it’s 7.7 billion. A half a century ago, the U.S. population stood at 208 million; today, it’s 329 million and growing at the unsustainable rate of one net person […]